NASA Texas USA 2019

Hi, I looked it over and it was kinda confusing. I went over all the changes we had in the piece and rewrote it so that it was a bit easier to read. Here is what I came up with 🙂
NASA Texas 2019 – Hi Everyone, you may remember on Nov 3rd, 2019 I had the honour of being in Texas to attend an event at Nasa that was organized by my USA Global Purple Day partner, The Anita Kaufmann Foundation. I am honoured that I was able meet Astronaut Ricky Arnold and his beautiful family and am so happy to finally meet so many of you in person and hear your stories. Astronaut Ricky Arnold has been on two space flights, has completed 5 spacewalks and has spent 209 days in space! He also wore a purple shirt while he was on the International Space Station on Purple Day March 26, 2018. NASA Mission Control wore purple for Purple Day March 26th as well, they then blasted and promoted it all throughout their social media platforms. I always wanted to have Purple Day to be global but I never imagined it would also be celebrated in outer space. Thank you, Astronaut Ricky Arnold and NASA for taking Purple Day and epilepsy awareness out of this world and for helping to show people affected by epilepsy that they are not alone. I also want to thank the Anita Kaufmann Foundation, our event sponsor EISAI and NASA for all their hard work on this amazing event. Here are some pics, I hope you enjoy them.
Sincerely, Cassidy Megan 💜🙂