Here are some ideas on how you can help promote Purple Day and Epilepsy within your community.

  • Contact your local association and ask to volunteer
  • Have your local agency do an education and seizure 1st aid training at your work place or school
  • Contact your local media stations (TV, Radio, Newspaper) and ask them to do a story about Purple Day and on Epilepsy Awareness 
  • Hold a fundraising event to support your local agency
  • Contact your local or national Politicians and ask them to wear Purple on March 26.
  • Offer to set up an educational display in your workplace or school to promote education about epilepsy and seizures
  • Ask local businesses to help you promote Purple Day
  • Share Purple Day information and Epilepsy facts on your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.
  • Donate your Facebook Status to your local agency.
  • Host a Coffee Party or social event with Friends.
  • Get a local daycare involved in the Purple Day Bunny Hop Campaign
  • Organize a local walk or run in support of Purple Day and Epilepsy
  • Talk about epilepsy and/or Purple Day in your blog or vlog

We’d love to hear your ideas:

These are just some ideas of how you can make a difference in your local community to help raise awareness about epilepsy.

Please support Purple Day in your area by making a donation to your local epilepsy agency.

The Epilepsy Association of the Maritimes is the Global Campaign sponsor for Purple Day. If you would like to learn more or wish to support the global sponsors, please click on the links below.