Disney 2019

Hi Everyone, Here are some pics from our #PurpleDay2019 in Florida when we turned Spaceship Earth Purple for #PurpleDay and #Epilepsyawareness. I want to thank my USA Global Purple Day partner The Anita Kaufmann Foundation and our friends at The Epilepsy Foundation of Central Florida for putting on such an amazing event for everyone. I am so glad I was there to be a part of it all and to meet everyone. I loved hearing your stories and sharing the magic with you all. Thank you, everyone, who attended the event and to all the wonderful sponsors. Thank you, Brion, for the awesome pics and my mom for the behind the scene pics before during and after the event. Thank you also to Karma Bridal Formal for my beautiful dress <3 If you see yourself in the photos please feel free to tag yourself and if you have Disney pics you would like to have added send them to me and I will add them in 🙂 Love, Cassidy Megan <3 🙂 Founder of Purple Day